Trollface Quest

Troll face quest is a casual and entertaining game that tests intelligence and imagination. Its main character is a stick figure. You will encounter some strange problems here. Only by finding the answer to each level through various novel solutions and keen eyes can you pass the standard correctly. Otherwise, we can only challenge at the same level all the time.

Troll face quest’s game content

Entering Troll face quest, you will help stick figure to break through various levels. The situation encountered at each checkpoint is different. You can only find the answer by carefully observing the current situation. For example, when you meet a red-eyed cow with a sword and a piece of green cloth in your hand, don’t be confused by the real things. Changing red and green cloth into red cloth will only make cattle more manic. If you look closely, there is a zipper on the back of the cow. Click here ,and you will find another stick figure posing as the cow.

Troll face quest’s game features

It has all kinds of magical scenes and puzzles you never expected. And enough checkpoints are waiting for you to challenge. Funny dubbing can make you have an exciting experience in Troll face quest. Whether you can pass or not, music can make you want to pass customs more.

Do you think your mind is active enough?  If you want to do a test, you can choose the troll face quest.  Your main task here is to help the characters to solve the problems. Only when you complete the task solution can you succeed.  However,     8 ball pool is an online version of a table tennis game. You must have your strategies and skills to complete the score of table tennis.

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